New macs are coming! A Mac with an ARM processor and probably new iMac(s).

As I’m due for a refresh, which one may I buy next?
My primary need is a machine that can run the latest macOS and the latest XCode easily.

When I consider a Mac I tend to select:

  • Best processor:
    I don’t go below the intel i7, period. Whatever ARM processor is on the pipeline, it will have to match this level of performance. I am less concerned by battery efficiency than CPU/GPU processing power as I rarely work unplugged.
  • Best GPU:
    When Apple offer an option to select the most powerful graphic card, I’ll take it.
    It’s the component that become obsolete the quickest but gives you the most benefits for your money the quickest.
  • Large storage:
    Nowadays, 1 TB SSD and 16 GB RAM seems comfortable. I’ve also learned that SSD performances are better the larger they are and I always keep about 20% of storage unused.

I’m only considering a new MacBook now because Apple finally stopped insisting on selling laptops with keyboards that didn’t work.

Also macOS on a retina screen is going to be new for me.

I’m using a trusted MacBook Air since too many years now. It’s a good i7 with 500 GB SSD and 8 GB RAM. I use it with a 1080 external screen.
I try to spread my tasks on all my devices: MacBook Air, iPad mini 5, iPhone and some PCs here and there.
But adapting my eyesight to all those different screens is exhausting.

One logical update should be the latest MacBook Air but I don’t see how I can manage only one USB-C port (one being used by for power).
With my current model, I already miss too often not having an ethernet port and I always have to remember take my USB/Ethernet adapter with me.
That newest MacBook Air means buying a good USB-C dock for about £200. I’m not comfortable with this idea yet.

I love the portability of the MacBook Air though because the iPadOS is nowhere to fit my needs.
I don’t see why I should re-learn completely a new workflow on iPadOS, ultimately less powerful than the one I had since decades on macOS, Windows and Linux.

But macOS on retina screen, that, that will change my life.

Last time I went to the Apple Store, they were showing that new-new Mac Pro with that new-new screen.
It was far away.
I stayed far away.
I will never be able to afford this kind of setup and I will probably never work in a context where I will use one. So I don’t even want to be tempted.

Instead, I was staring at the iMac 5K and 4K.
Since I do not need so much portability now, I consider a fixed setup.
I suppose that only one big screen with all my windows and tabs will be more comfortable than my current solution. Then the extra processing power that comes with this kind of setup will be handy.

I have selected some models and made a Google Sheet summary.
You’re welcome to read this comparison of machines that I like and can run the latest macOS and XCode easily.

I will try to update this list with the combination Mac mini/MacBook + External Retina Screen. I just don’t know which model is good.
Also, this list doesn’t include any hackintosh. Maybe later.

By keeping in mind that new iMac(s) is/are coming, I have a perfect excuse to NOT buy anything.. now.

Take Care.

Picture credit: iMac 2019 Concept by Philip Goolkasian